What is a wedding wishing well?

What is a Wedding Wishing Well?

In the ever-evolving world of wedding traditions, décor trends and couples having lived together for a number of years before marriage, the wedding wishing well stands out as a particularly charming and practical feature we all need. Having gained popularity in recent years and becoming a staple at most weddings, the wedding wishing well is an absolute essential.

But what exactly is a wedding wishing well, and why has it become so beloved?

Origins of the Wedding Wishing Well

The wedding wishing well draws inspiration from the ancient custom of throwing coins into wells and hoping that the spirits bring good fortune and blessings. It symbolises hope, prosperity, and the couple's bright future together. By incorporating a wedding wishing well into the ceremony or reception, couples can infuse their special day with a sense of tradition and hope for their future.

What is a Wedding Wishing Well?

A wedding wishing well is a type of ‘box’ that is designed to complement your wedding décor theme and is placed at the reception entrance or on the gift table. It is used to collect cards, messages and monetary gifts from wedding guests. Traditionally made in the form of a mini well, more modern designs are rectangle, square or hexagon boxes. A wooden wishing well or modern acrylic wishing well is common, with a quality solid timber wedding wishing well proving to be a popular choice for rustic weddings.

Purposes and Benefits

  1. Convenience for Guests and Couples:

A wedding wishing well is super convenient for your guests as it provides an easy way for them to safely hand over their card and possible gift without fear of it getting lost. It also means the venue and your bridal party do not need to worry about checking for cards as they are all in the one secure location.

  1. Easy Monetary Gifts:

While traditional wedding gifts often consist of household items and personal presents, many modern couples already have these essentials as they have often lived together for many years, including having already raised a family together. As a result, monetary gifts have become increasingly popular as it enables the happy couple to put the funds towards something they need or an experience on their honeymoon.

  1. Personal and Sentimental Value:

The wedding wishing well is not just for money though. It is the place your friends and family can pass on their heartfelt messages. Not many things beat sitting down together the day after your wedding reading through all the lovely messages left by your guests in their carefully chosen wedding cards.

  1. Enhancing Wedding Décor:

A beautifully crafted wedding wishing well enhances your reception entrance or gift table as a decorative piece often personalised with your names. 

  1. Practical Keepsake:

Some wedding wishing wells (like this one here) make a beautiful statement piece at your wedding and double as a keepsake or memento box you can keep as a reminder of your special day but also a useful box to store your precious keepsakes.

Choosing the Right Wishing Well

When selecting your wedding wishing well, you need to consider your décor theme, material options, level of customisation, size, shape and whether you want to use it as a keepsake box or resell it to recoup some funds. So many things to consider and so many options available!

To help you get started, check out our range of very unique wedding wishing wells you will find nowhere else! (ps. our wedding wishing well is by far the most popular!)

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