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santa boot stencil
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Santa Tracks


Bring magic to your home this Christmas with our quality wooden Santa footprint stencil set and the magical Santa tracks the man in red leaves behind!

This heartwarming tradition becomes a much anticipated Christmas Eve activity dusting beautiful Santa footprints wherever you like to create the perfect Santa tracks. Followed by watching their excited little faces light up on Christmas morning when they see Santa footprints leading from the door or chimney to the Christmas tree!

This quality timber Santa footprint stencil set makes the best and easiest Santa footprints without all the excess flour around the edges and the best part is it will last year after year as it is made from premium quality wood!

How to use our Santa footprint stencil set: Simply lay the Santa boot stencil on the flat floor, dust with flour in a sieve and lift the stencil gently to leave Santa's footprints creating beautiful Santa tracks for the children to find. Baby powder is an alternative; however, we recommend placing plain flour in a sieve and gently tapping the side of the sieve with your hand whilst holding it approximately 20-30cm above the Santa boot stencil for a nice even, light dusting. Over-dusting will create a build-up of flour that will make messy Santa tracks once the Santa footprint stencil is lifted up. Use a vacuum or broom to clean up your Santa footprints.

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PS. If you Google Santa tracks, you will find another great Christmas eve activity the kids will love!


  • Made from quality 4mm plywood
  • Overall size: 19.2cm x 31.3cm per stencil (boot size is approximately 25cm in length)
  • Set includes Santa boot stencil - 1 x left boot (Santa) and 1 x right boot (Clause)

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    Customer Reviews

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    Best Santa stencil!

    I've been looking for a stencil to make Santa tracks for the kids but I didn't really love the look of any but I got this one and it's perfect! I just did a light dusting of flour like they say and it came out perfect!

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