6 Cheap Father’s Day Gifts For Around $50

Interest rate rises, the lasting effects of COVID-19, Australia’s rental crisis, climate change – whatever you want to blame it on, we can all agree that life these days is expensive so we’re all looking for ways to cut costs!

Father’s Day is creeping up and although we have until September to make our final choice for our Dads and/or partners, when funds are tight it’s always best to plan in advance, consider all your options, watch for sales and try to nab a bargain. Cheap Father’s Day gift ideas are always great, especially if they are thoughtful and either practical or funny, so we have put together a list of 10 ideas to help you out.

Cheap Father’s Day gift ideas…

 Dad's Bag - cheap Father's Day gift idea

  1. Darrell Lea Dad’s Bag

When funds are tight, parents often go without treats and snacks that aren’t essential. Gone are the days of late night snacking on junk food after the kids have gone to bed. This is where the Dad’s Bag is a quick and easy gift that Dad will always enjoy (with or without the kids!) and it isn’t going to be stuffed to the back of the cupboard for years to come.

If you love the idea but want to make it a bit more meaningful, why not pair it with our quality keyring for Dad or bottle opener! Or better yet, follow our socials to check out the soon-to-be-released wooden caddy you could easily empty the Dad’s Bag into and voila!

 Personalised Father's Day Gift - bottle opener

  1. Personalised engraved wooden bottle opener

A practical gift that also doubles as a thoughtful keepsake, this wooden bottle opener is engraved with your choice of words and names making it unique, thoughtful and useful all in one. Paired with a 6 pack of beer it makes a great gift for a hard-working Dad!

Speaking of beer… come back to our Gifts For Him page shortly and follow our socials to check out the soon-to-be-released beer caddy! Perfect to dress up that 6 pack!


  1. Movie Tickets

As a parent, how often do you go to the movies and watch something that YOU want to watch? If you’re like me, it’s almost never. Buying movie tickets for Dad encourages him to do something for himself whether that is with you, his partner, a friend or by himself. When we think about Mother’s Day gifts, we think of pampering and spoiling Mum with pyjamas, chocolates, facials and salon vouchers. This is where I feel that Father’s Day promos are often about funny socks with kids’ faces printed on them and personalised mugs. Dad’s need to take time out and do things they love just as much as us Mums. Buying Dad movies tickets gives him a great excuse to do exactly that!

 Personalised wooden hand print plaque for Dad

  1. Wooden handprint plaque

This (and our other design here!) is by far one of our most popular products for both Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, and rightly so. As children grow, we often forget how small they were and how tiny their hands used to be, that is until we see another new baby or young child and think back to when our own children were that small.

Doubling as a craft activity for the kids, why not have them paint their hands and/or feet, or use crayons to draw a family portrait instead. So many options and it will no doubt become a colourful keepsake Dad will treasure on the wall of his office, man cave or shed for many years to come!

Why not pair it with a pack of Dad’s favourite lollies!


  1. DIY Grazing Platter / Box

Last year for Father’s Day I got one of those cardboard boxes with a clear lid that grazing boxes come in. You can find them in most party shops for a few dollars. Over the weeks before Father’s Day, I kept an eye out for special treats on sale at the supermarket and stocked up on a few things from cheese and dips to crackers and chocolates. I then popped all of these into the box with some fruit, olives and pickles I had in the fridge. Hubby was that impressed that he thought I had bought it somewhere! Not only did he love it, but it was something he could enjoy with the whole family!

 Personalised BBQ board for Father's Day

  1. Personalised engraved chopping board

If your Dad or partner is like mine and loves a good BBQ, then a gift to support his passion is often a great idea. Last year we ran out of our Father’s Day chopping boards as they are an affordable, quality personalised gift that any Dad would love. Personalised with your choice of names, these boards make for a unique but practical gift Dad will use for years to come.

And for an extra few bucks, you can personalise this other great design even further! 

So there you have it. Six ideas for cheap Father’s Day gifts for $50 or less to help ease the stress involved in buying gifts whilst trying not to overspend.

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